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The ME Lash Story

ME Lash was first launched in 2021 during the last lockdown, the idea came from two lash artists who were very passionate about two things, the environment & quality.

They realised there was no fully eco friendly lash brands in the UK at this point, and knowing how much plastic lash artists go through, they knew there must be a way to change this, whilst keeping product quality at the highest standard. 

Lashes shouldn't cost the planet..

The ME Lash motto. Lash techs waste on average 2000-3000 plastic units a year, and ME Lash want to change that. With majority of their products, packaging & postal packaging fully biodegradable & recyclable, they are continuing to make a conscious effort to help protect our planet.

Alongside an eco friendly product line, a training academy was born. With it being well known that the standard of training in lashes has been slipping a lot over recent years, it was a goal to teach all different styles of lashes to the highest possible standard and gove ongoing support to students. 

ME Lash has since been awarded 'Best New Training Academy 2021' by LashBase.


We hope you enjoy our products & hope to see you on one of our courses soon.




ME Lash

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